Traffic offence taxation, new crime plan
The trinidad Guardian / Did T&T invent a drug test kit? Where’s the Forex to come from to purchase drug test kits to use on citizens? How much Forex will harassment of blue-collar drivers earn the nation?

PNM got back into office on the grounds that they can mitigate crime. Is this indirect taxation drive going to mitigate crime? To the PNM, the productive public are criminals, while real criminals (white- and blue-collar) are misunderstood law breakers who shouldn’t pay for their crimes. We should endure the repercussions of their lawlessness and see ourselves as criminals. Because traffic offence taxation is the new crime plan.

Right now, $123.8 billion is needed to get T&T out of debt. Indirect taxation pressure from petty traffic offences isn’t going to accrue Forex to pay off this debt. So as the Government has no ideas on how to raise Forex and no ideas on how to catch real criminals they ought to resign.

I think passing law to randomly drug test players in the four pillars of democracy would provide interesting insights. Randomly drug test the legislature, the executive, the judiciary and the press (media).

B Joseph, via email

Traffic offence taxation, new crime plan

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