Government to receive 25 new ambulances
The trinidad Guardian / Global Medical Response T&T Ltd (GMRTT), the company contracted by government to supply ambulance services in the public health sector, is adding 25 new vehicles to its fleet, with 25 more expected in 2017.

This will bring the fleet of ambulances in the public service to just over 50, as most of the current fleet will be retired from use.

"When we get new, some of the old need to be retired. We don't know what that exact number will be in the future but we know there will be more than 50 in rotation," CEO of GMRTT Paul Anderson confirmed with the Guardian yesterday. 

Last December, Deyalsingh gave a directive to increase the fleet of ambulances after complaints from the public sector over a lengthy wait time to pick up patients in emergency situations.

The number of vehicles in daily rotation at the time was less than 50 per cent less than GMRTT's contractual obligation of 74.

 In a release yesterday GMRTT announced the addition to its fleet, and said new ambulances had been rolling out of the production facility over the last two months.

The release said the vehicles had been fabricated locally, designed and built to meet rigorous international specifications, including cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT) that will improve response times. 

Government to receive 25 new ambulances

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