TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Stag donates $52,000 to tackle cancer
News day / The money, donated by Stag Beer, was collected during its November Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign, "Stagbeerd".

Stag, in a statement to the media yesterday said, "We see it as our duty as ‘A Man's Beer' to make sure our consumers understand and appreciate the importance of leading a full life. So, as much as we want them to enjoy cracking open a Stag with friends, we hope to inspire them to get regular health check-ups to ensure the good times don't come to a stop because of something preventable," said Stag Brand Manager, Shehann Caruth. Over 2,400 people participated in the event and sent in selfies and videos of their "Stagbeerds". $50,000 of the $52,400 was donated upfront by Stag.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Stag donates $52,000 to tackle cancer

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