Old time parang comes back again
News day / The event is in honour of the late parang greats, Willie and Tito Lara and is a project of Errol Mohammed of the National Parang Association.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts is also lending support to the event.

All participating bands will be required to perform one of the Lara Brothers' songs.

Bands listed to perform are Flores de San Jose, Los Allegres Sindoda, San Jose Serenaders, Los Amigos de Cantadores, Amantes de Parranda, Alma Carrabino de Valencia and Ernesto Parranderos de Caracas.

Special presentations will be made to the wives of Willie and Tito Lara while their children will read short bios of the two paranderos.

Advanced tickets cost $80 but patrons can also pay at the door for $100.

A wide assortment of wild meat and Christmas delicacies like pastelle, paime and empanada will be on sale.

There will also be hamper giveaways sponsored by Carib Brewery and Arima Discount Mart.

Showtime is from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Old time parang comes back again

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