TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: 'Missing' couple found vacationing in England
Trinidad Express / AN elderly couple whose son reported them missing, sparking a frantic police search, are safe and well, and on a vacation in England.

Harold Howard, 82, who is visually impaired, and his wife, Gloria Howard, who is in her 70's – left the country without telling their son, Victor Howard, who contacted police after several days passed without seeing them.

Police on Monday tracked down the couple through their travel agent to a hotel in Manchester where they had been staying for the last few days.

After learning that the couple was safe, Victor Howard said on Monday night: “I am just happy they are okay. They never tell me anything!”

The couple was last seen by a neighbour at around 1 p.m on Saturday, walking on the roadway to get a taxi near their home at Bamboo Village.

Victor Howard, who lives in Philadelphia, has been staying in an apartment downstairs the two-storey house, while the couple live upstairs, he said.

Victor Howard told the Express that on Saturday evening he realised they were not at home, and his sister told him the couple, who are Seventh Day Adventists, was probably at church.

"I realised something was wrong when I saw the dogs weren't fed and there was a window open upstairs but they are usually locked in tight when they are at home. And I wasn't hearing them at all”, he said.

He made a report to the San Fernando CID on Monday night and Insp Don Gajadhar and other police officers went to the couple's home.

Police found there were no signs of forced entry and that the house appeared intact.

The son and neighbours along Southern Main Road said that the couple was “very active”, and would leave their home almost everyday, using public transportation to get around.

"Practically everyday they go out. I am always telling them to stay home and relax but they don't. They always going to the market, grocery, church, anywhere", said the son.

He said that the elderly couple had been married for the last 16 years and Gloria Howard is not his biological mother.

Victor Howard said that his father lost his sight about ten years ago to glaucoma.

Harold Howard is a father of four and grandfather of 12.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: 'Missing' couple found vacationing in England

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