Water, candles run out of stock
The trinidad Guardian / Candles and drinking water were almost sold out in several supermarkets yesterday throughout T&T as hundreds of consumers flocked to get last-minute supplies in light of the approaching tropical storm.

While many shoppers said they weren’t panic buying, they admitted that they simply "have to stock up on water, candles and canned foods."

Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, one of the supervisors at Massy Stores, Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas, Sharmaine James, said that the doors were opened at 7 am and since then there have been a constant flow of shoppers.

"I suspect that that it will be that way until the supermarket closes at 5 pm. The lines are longer than normal and what I am seeing passing through the counters in great numbers are candles and bottles and cases of water," James said.

"The shelves are almost empty," she said.

An employee at Tru Valu supermarket at Trincity Mall said by 2 pm all candles were sold out. "Shoppers are out in extraordinary numbers. There are long lines with people mainly buying candles and water."

This was also the case at Super Quality and Price Club supermarket in Chaguanas.

Shopper Shernel Romain of Edinburgh 500, in Chaguanas, said he was at Massy Stores "to pick up some essentials."

"While I am not panic buying we all have to be concerned. People say God is a Trini but we cannot take that for granted. I am from a family of six and I will be getting some candles and water," Romain said.

Nicole Johnson, of Endeavour, Chaguanas she was there to get her candles and water supplies.

"The warning is serious yes but I will just pick up some candles and water just in case."

Water, candles run out of stock

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