Police to investigate attack on photographer
The trinidad Guardian / The T&T Police Service (TTPS) have ordered an investigation into reports that a Guardian photographer was attacked by one of its members. Yesterday, the T&T Police Service, via its twitter account said Commissioner of Police (Ag) Harold Phillip ordered an investigation into an allegation that a police officer assaulted a media worker.

The officer, along with another man attacked the photographer, punching him repeatedly while he was standing in the roadway around 2.30 pm on Friday.

De Silva saw the police officer a second time when he and a reporter went to the Penal Police Station.

Around 2.30 pm, De Silva reported that he was standing on the road taking photos of the expansive compound when a black Toyota Hilux drove towards him. De Silva stepped back to avoid the oncoming vehicle, only to see the vehicle coming toward him again.

The driver then stopped, jumped out and accosted De Silva in an aggressive manner.

De Silva's glasses fell to the ground and he identified himself as a Guardian Media photographer in an attempt to prevent the attacker from assaulting him further. However, the man, who was also shouting obscenities, began cuffing De Silva about his face, telling him he was on private property.

In a series of tweets, the TTPS said:

"The Guardian newspaper, in a front page article, claims one of its photographers was assaulted by an officer during an incident at Penal yesterday. The police service views seriously any allegation against a member of its rank."

The tweet said ASP Ruthven Hunte had been assigned to investigate the allegation with oversight by head of the Professional Standards Bureau ACP Anthony Bucchan. The Police Service also informed the Guardian that the officer identified by the photographer was not a "senior officer" as published in the paper, as senior officer includes officers from the rank of the First Division, ie ASP and above.

De Silva was still shaken yesterday and was prescribed anxiety medication by doctors.

The Guardian was also informed yesterday that on Wednesday a reporter from another media house went to the same compound and was parked in the road and was taking footage of the company sign when a glass bottle landed near his foot.

More bottles were thrown at him from a house on the road, and after hiding behind his car, he left to make a report at the Penal Police Station. See Page A8

Police to investigate attack on photographer

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