Hypocritical antics of high office holders
The trinidad Guardian / Round and round the political merry go round we go, aimlessly, while the country is in crisis. How can 41 MPs elected to represent the people of T&T, 31 appointed senators and the numerous political advisers not know or have any tangible ideas of how to run a country? Could it be that whilst they have the power and resources to tackle the issues facing our citizens on a daily basis, they don't have the know-how? Or is it that they just don't care?

Whichever the answer, it is clear our people are fed up, jaded, angry, and frustrated with hypocritical antics of those who hold high public office, particularly those who hold high political office.

Government after government the cycle continues, a perpetual machine fuelled by irony and short memories - moral posturing and finger pointing when in opposition, relentlessly accusing the Government of the day of corruption, leaking of salacious titbits to the media, then an about turn when given the keys to the Treasury. Then, when returned to opposition after allegedly unjustly enriching self and cronies, shamelessly take the moral high ground and start finger wagging all over again, in the hope of creating a sufficient furore to put you and your disgraced administration's alleged misdeeds out of the minds of voters, and you and your cohorts back at the Treasury trough.

And so it was only a matter of time before the PNM Government found itself accused of that which they condemned. The leadership of the UNC responded by convening not a public meeting, but a National Congress of the party, only the second in the last seven years, not for party business to be conducted by delegates, but to "buss a mark".

Whilst salacious allegations may be entertaining, they do not provide any solution as to how the Government in waiting is going to address the issue of crime, healthcare, education or the economy. Still, buoyed by PNM haplessness, the Opposition smells a return to office, not based on their own competence, but by the incompetence of the PNM who have failed in its vow to get PP miscreants to account because of institutional failings, and in fact has emboldened some of them.

Not to mention, across the board this Government is a PR disaster. For example, Energy Minister Khan who was incisive at the JSC hearings on the sea bridge, was uncharacteristically shaky when questioned on the Petrotrin matter. Should we expect soon a flurry of counter-allegations from the PNM about the PP? And consequently, wouldn't any arrests and charges, even if legitimate, immediately be labelled as "political"?

That is "politics" in T&T-good for some, but disastrous for nation building and serving the people, who, disgusted by the sheer two-faced effrontery of office holders in and out of government, have nothing but contempt for the political process.

Paradoxically the very cycle described above, combined with the complete failure historically to get anyone to meaningfully account, has created infallibility among the players, none of them truly governing or delivering. Our "politics" is nothing more than a strange game played by a select few.

And so, unless and until the cycle is broken the country will continue to decline. It won't be an easy task, but together it can be achieved. But first, we need to see past race and political affiliation and rid ourselves of the sycophancy for selfish gain. Only then will we stop the select few who keep going through the revolving doors of Parliament. It is for us the people, united and willing to put country first, to change the paradigm. I believe we have it in us.

Mickela Panday  

Hypocritical antics of high office holders

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