Waiting for fulfilment of PM's promise
The trinidad Guardian / Our Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, at the third conversation with the Prime Minister held at St Augustine sent a clear message concerning corruption in our society.

He stated that anyone going down this route, whether PNM or otherwise, will pay for their action; that is the message in a nutshell.

Judging from his statement and expression he seems to mean business and as a citizen, I await the fulfilment of his words, since there is a matter on the table presently with Petrotrin.

Someone needs to begin making harsh decisions concerning the level of corruption that persist in T&T, and no one is with excuse especially when it relates to taxpayer's money.

As we are well aware, our country is well positioned on the corruption list and negatively in the Caribbean, something we need to seriously deal with.

So I applaud our Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley ,on the stand he has taken-"no nonsense, whether friend or foe" when it comes to corruption in our country.

I now await the action once individuals are found guilty.

Let us work together to make T&T a better place to live in.

Arnold Gopeesingh

Waiting for fulfilment of PM's promise

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