Women's groups or talkers?
The trinidad Guardian / It appears that the Opposition's job is one of distraction. They are continuously asking questions when they know the answers.

On September 15, Ramona Ramdial asked Dr Rowley about protecting women.

Really, Ms Ramdial, you suddenly care! Where were you for the period 2010-2015?

Our country was governed by a woman who did nothing for women in this country, including the non-passage of the Gender Bill which incidentally is still languishing even under the present government.

Over 40 women have been killed to date.

Where are the women's groups and NGOs to pressure the Government (past and present)?

Government funding remains non-existent.

Women's groups in this country are reactionary. When a woman gets killed they talk for two days and then die down.

There are some well-known activists that have been heading NGOs for years in this country with little or no results, but they are still at the helm collecting local and international funding and politicking.

UNC/PNM women's groups all suffer from amnesia and are selective with their grievances pertaining to women.

Ms Ramdial, tasers for women? When are the social issues going to be openly discussed; not expensive seminars where those affected cannot afford to attend and social scientists spout solutions?

Who is touching real lives and not putting up the façade of assistance?

What facilities do the Gender Ministry and women's groups have in place? After a few days you tell them to leave and go back to their abusers.

This is a country where millions of dollars have been wasted and stolen and nothing substantivehas been done for abused women.

Take blame, women groups, too much of politics controlling your organisations.

There must be discussions on single women bringing up boys; homes with both parents but inactive fathers, who say or do nothing and leave it up to mothers.

What examples do the boys have in a failing education system where there are more females teachers than male teachers in schools, all contributing factors to the increased criminalisation in the country.

Rossana Glasgow

Women's groups or talkers?

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