Waiting on Customs for an explanation
The trinidad Guardian / Recently, I read letters in the newspaper talking about Customs at the Piarco Airport and I thought that I should add my experience.

A few weeks ago, I was on board a night flight for Grenada.

The plane was on the tarmac speeding down the runway and just before it was about to lift off it suddenly began to slow down. I realised that something had gone wrong.

Next we heard the voice of the pilot announcing that a warning light appeared in the cockpit and he had to return to the gate.

Eventually, all passengers had to disembark and return to the waiting room until the problem was rectified.

After about half an hour, we were told that the flight was cancelled and we would be leaving the following morning, so we would be accommodated at an airport hotel.

We were informed, however, that we had to pass through Customs, just as the other passengers who were entering the country from the other flights.

Would you believe that although we had never left the country every piece of luggage, that is hand luggage, which had already been scanned when we were passing through immigration on our way out, had to pass through the Customs scanner?

While we were in the line awaiting our previously scanned hand luggage to be scanned again, other passengers who had arrived from foreign countries went through the customs without having their suitcases scanned.

Now, when you come from Tobago you do not have to pass through Customs. I am therefore asking someone in authority at Customs to give me a reasonable explanation as to why we, who had never left the country, had to have every piece of our 'local' luggage scanned.

Frank Lee Sing

Waiting on Customs for an explanation

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