Miami airport vendors want rent breaks after Hurricane Irma
MiamiHerald / Miami International Airport closed for three days during Hurricane Irma , and shops, restaurants and other businesses operating there want a rent break through 2018 to recover their lost revenue.

In a Sept. 18 letter to MIA director Emilio González, the companies behind Cafe Versailles, News Link, Super Shuttle and other well-known airport vendors asked for a waiver of minimum rent requirements at the county-owned facility. Instead, the businesses would be allowed to pay fixed rent, even if the amounts fell below the minimum requirements in their leases.

"The immediate sales decline for most operators has been catastrophic," read the letter. "It is our educated opinion that it is going to take at least a year before our businesses will fully recover from this natural disaster."

Suspending minimum rents would cost MIA about $9 million a year in lost revenues, airport spokesman Greg Chin said, and the loss could be covered by the higher landing fees that airlines typically pass on to passengers.

Miami airport vendors want rent breaks after Hurricane Irma

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