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 Lady Young still closed: These are the alternative routes
The Ministry of Works and Transport  advised on Thursday afternoon that the Lady Young Road, Port of Spain is still impassable to vehicular traffic.

Ongoing assessments are continuing to ensure that the Lady Young Road becomes passable and safe within the shortest possible timeframe. 

Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport has authorised the use of the Priority Bus Route (PBR) to light motor vehicles from Morvant Junction to Abattoir Road ONLY from Thursday 1st March, 2018 until further notice.  


Motorists who normally use the Lady Young Road to proceed east from Port of Spain are advised to use the following alternative routes:-                                 

- From Queens Park East, proceed to Charlotte Street then onto Piccadilly Street to access the Beetham Highway

- From Queens Park Savannah East, proceed to Dundonald Street then onto Richmond Street, then Turn right onto London Street to access Wrightson Road      

- From Tragarete Road, proceed to French Street OR Carlos Street to access Wrightson Road  


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