Fashion charms Gasparee Island
The trinidad Guardian / Christine Philip-Frederick showcased her Feathered Fashion Fantasy collection on Gasparee Island on Sunday evening. Feathered Fashion Fantasy is a collection of evening and cocktail wear created from recycled feathers, beads and appliqués from Carnival costumes collected by the line's designer over the years.

With a degree in Fashion Design from New York's prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 1993, Philip-Frederick currently works as a part-time Spanish teacher/translator and Fashion Designer.

Sunday's event was the third of its kind, as the designer usually celebrates her birthday with friends as they model her designs. However, this year's theme - Feathered Fashion Fantasy - was to emphasis more on the recycling and re-using usually discarded carnival costumes, hopefully start a tend.

Said Philip-Frederick: "People usually just throw away pieces of their costumes, or sometimes entire backpacks before they even get home from carnival because it's slightly damaged." She wants to show that they can be put to better use than becoming trash.

Fashion charms Gasparee Island

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