Concern over table egg imports
The trinidad Guardian / Over the past six months, more than $5 million in table eggs has been imported into the country and the Association of T&T Table Egg Producers (ATTTEP) is calling swift intervention from the relevant authorities.

In a statement yesterday, the ATTTEP noted the "unnecessary importation of over 65,000 dozen eggs or 780,000 eggs monthly."

The group said: "These imported eggs are given duty concessions to the detriment of the local industry and have compounded the marketing of locally produced table eggs, that have been sufficiently produced to satisfy the demand for this year. Additionally, the imports are adding to the present burden of foreign exchange demand, with over TT$5,000,000 or equivalent to over US$750,000 being expended for the past six months just for imported eggs."

The ATTTEP said it is willing to meeting with Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat, who has already been alerted to discuss ways "to curb this current crisis."

The ATTTEP statement continued: "Members are questioning, if no action is taken then should we all pack up and import, or are the relative authorities willing to assist the local producers to sustain the local table egg industry that employs thousands of locals directly and indirectly. ATTTEP is urging the relative authorities to act swiftly on this matter."

Concern over table egg imports

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