TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: TT, Venezuela to sign gas agreement
News day / Explaining that TT and Venezuela have been engaging in very far reaching discussions on this matter for over a year, the Prime Minister disclosed, "We are now at the stage where we are in a position to sign the government to government agreement and the commercial structure which will open the door for commercial exploitation of the Dragon gas field in Venezuela which is to the north of us here, just beyond the Bocas." During the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to TT in May, Rowley and Maduro discussed the supply of natural gas from the Dragon field to TT amongst several other issues of mutual interest to both countries.

The Prime Minister continued, "That gas field will become the first major field that would supply gas from Venezuelan fields into TT pipelines towards Point Lisas to supply our facilities there. We have done this in the context of looking after the future of TT in the medium and the long term." Indicating that the details of the arrangements would be made public later, after the signing, Rowley stated, "The whole intention is that our operations here in TT can have a much longer future and the gas shortage which has been plaguing us for the last few years, in the not too distant future, would be dealt with by a sustained and sufficient supply coming from the Venezuelan fields which will be processed here in TT and supply us with an export product into our current market and other markets." He told reporters, "This is very good news for us in TT.' The Prime Minister said energy multinational company Shell is partnering with Government in this exercise.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: TT, Venezuela to sign gas agreement

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