TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Army guards State quarry
News day / This call was previously made in a "First Report" of the Public Accounts Enterprises Committee (PAEC) and was acted upon in the Energy Ministry's "Ministerial Response" document relating to the National Quarries Company Ltd (NQCL) last Friday.

The PAEC report had hit illegal quarrying.

It said: "With such vast acreage it became easy for persons outside of the company to have access to various parts of the quarry during the night when there is little surveillance. It became increasingly difficult for NQCL to effectively guard the entire expanse of land.

The Defence Force has been used in the NQCL's attempt to curb illegal quarrying and further land degradation.

"Through efforts by the Defence Force, a plan should be developed and implemented to ensure welltrained personnel can be stationed at specific points throughout the quarry to deter perpetrators and regain control over the company's resources." The ministry confirmed, "NQCL has negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force to ensure the continuous presence of trained military personnel at the company's Turure Quarry."

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Army guards State quarry

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