TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Chag Mayor unveils Indentureship monument
News day / Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman said that he was saddened that crime was the order of the day in Trinidad and Tobago, but he also revealed that South Africa also faced its own challenges in curbing violence.

At the time, Ramlutchman was speaking with Newsday following a ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary for the abolition of East Indian Indentureship which also saw the unveiling of a commemorative monument. The ceremony was hosted at the grounds of Saith Park, Chaguanas. "All races need to unite, it does not matter what creed or race you are, we come together and give each other a listening ear,"he said. He said that a government is not to be blamed for the high levels of crime in a country. But he said that social injustices are the result of intolerance which leads to violence. "If you as Trinidadians cannot integrate, then you have failed because you are a diversified country, everything is diversified here and humanity must come first, then only you can prosper as a nation, social injustice is a collective problem and we need to come together as citizens and deal with this," he said. Adding, he said, South Africa, like TT, is a multiracial society. "We have gone through a horrific past and we still have challenges as a society mainly dealing with social problems which have become a major problem in our country with the elite and very poor and this leads to intolerance between each other because of the social injustice,"he explained.

Ramlutchman said he was honoured to be a part of such a historic day yesterday. Chaguanas mayor Gopaul Boodhan said yesterday's commemoration was not merely a remembrance, but marks a time in which many must give thanks and pay tribute to their ancestors for having bequeathed their culture which not only encompasses religion and arts but resilience, strength and sacrifice. "This monument is a symbol of our history with limited choices, but we do have a choice now to build monuments on our hearts, our minds, our spirit, in our communities and in our country, of excellence, prosperity and well being,"he said. Also speaking Jamaican high Commissioner David Prendergast echoed similar views, stating that the event was a significant and important milestone to several Caribbean countries including Jamaica who share a similar history of patterns of migration and cultural patterns.

"The contributions of Indians to the development, formation and culture of our societies has been a significant one. I, therefore, offer hearty congratulations to the Indian Diaspora for organizing this event and for the vision of bringing the Indian Diaspora together,"he explained.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Chag Mayor unveils Indentureship monument

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